The Submission of Emma Marx DVD

Scene 1: Riley Reid & Van Wylde

riley reid submission of emma marx

We kick off the movie with Riley Reid and Van Wylde celebrating their engagement by fucking on a bed covered in rose petals.

One thing that director Jacky St. James is very good at is pairing pornstars together in her movies. Truthfully, I don’t know if she’s responsible for this, but I’ll gladly give her credit for it. Whenever I see “Directed by Jacky St. James”, I just know that there’s going to be palatable chemistry between performers. This scene has that palatable chemistry in spades.

There’s a lot of kissing, smiling and giggling at the beginning, which conveys a feeling of unrestrained happiness that you hope someone feels when they get engaged (not always the case though). With this feeling established, it makes the sex feel realistic and more passionate than your average porn movie.

By now you ought to know that Riley Reid’s petite body never fails to look amazing when its got a cock inside her. So why even bother describing it to you? It’s hot. She delivers as usual. However this is an above average Riley Reid scene thanks to the atmosphere constructed by Jacky St. James.

Out of a possible 5 beds covered in rose petals, I give it 4.5 beds covered in rose petals.


Scene 2: Penny Pax & Richie Calhoun

penny pax emma marx

I really, really, really like Penny Pax. Do I dare say that she’s one of the most underrated pornstars in the industry right now?

This is the first of three sexual interactions between Emma Marx (played expertly by Penny Pax) and Mr Frederick (Richie Calhoun). It’s also Emma’s first experience with BDSM. And though she’s gagged by the end, this scene is more of an exploration of the mental power dynamic in a dominant/submissive relationship rather than anything physical.

Jacky-fucking-St. James. Pretty smart. Choosing to show the mind games before any tangible toys. Not bad at all.

What’s great about this scene is that Penny Pax really gets to flex her acting chops while simultaneously being the submissive of your dreams. She’s so hesitant as Emma when Mr Frederick orders her to undress and masturbate for him. It takes time for her to warm up to the dynamic of doing whatever Mr Frederick wants. Character development! In a porn movie! That’s Jacky St. James for ya.

If you can resist the urge to post a Craigslist ad looking for an Emma Marx of your own before Richie finishes on Penny’s pretty lips, you are fucking amazing.

4.9 ties used as gags out of a possible 5.


Scene 3: Penny Pax & Richie Calhoun


Ahhh yes. Emma Marx’s first brush with anal sex.

After some light coaxing (which does include giving her massive collection of classy butt plugs), Penny Pax enters Richie’s office to tell him she’s ready to try anal. As he predicted, Penny Pax is begging for him to fuck her in her ass. NOW.

Mr Frederick, can I have your autograph?

The character’s emotions aren’t as prevalent in this scene, but who cares? The premise alone is hot enough to make it worth your while. And also, you get to watch the seriously sexy Penny Pax do anal. Even with the emotional weight absent, you win!

4.8 Penny Pax asses out of a possible 5.


Scene 4: Penny Pax & Richie Calhoun


After Penny tells Richie she’s falling in love with him, he gets pissed because it’s not their agreement. So they break it off.


Penny goes about planning Riley Reid’s wedding, getting a new job and leading a normal life…when all of sudden she gets drawn back to Richie.

Upon returning to Mr Frederick’s home, she gets tied to all four bedposts, blindfolded and hot wax dripped on her. While she’s tied up, blindfolded and covered in wax, they fuck in missionary, reverse cowgirl and doggy.

This is an amazing scene for two reasons.

  1. This is probably the most accurate depiction of real BDSM sex we’ll see in porn until The Submission of Emma Marx II: Boundaries is released.
  2. Penny Pax and Richie Calhoun’s chemistry is through the roof. They are so into what they’re doing. I’m willing to go on record and say that Penny Pax had at least two, very real orgasms in this scene. Not something you see everyday.

5 out of 5.


The Submission of Emma Marx is one of those rare porn movies that you need to watch in full multiple times. The chemistry between the cast, the accurate depictions of BDSM relationships, the premises for the scenes and Penny Pax are all on a different level.

Plus, there’s a nice moral to the story: We are all normal, no matter what our sexual fantasies are.

The Submission of Emma Marx came out in 2013, so you really have no excuse for not having seen it yet. You’ve had two years to watch it!

If you haven’t seen it and even if you have, The Submission of Emma Marx is definitely worth two hours of your life. Especially since the sequel is coming soon!